How can I help?


If you want to tell your story, or share the benefits and mission of your company, let me help your craft something that’s uniquely your own. Storytelling is my favorite part about writing.


If you have a blog on your website, or an empty space for one that needs to be filled with content, I can help create original content, use information you already have and turn it into a post and format it for sharing across social media platforms.


I have many years of experience in editing, and have recently added book editing to my resume. From finding spelling or punctuation errors, to tightening and updating content to better fit, editing is one of my favorite things.


Whether your resume hasn’t been updated in years, needs refreshing or starting over from scratch, let me help you tell your unique story through your work experience, strengths, skills and achievements.


As an avid social media user, I love creating graphics, content and handling clients’ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram feeds and more. Let me help take this task off your plate and give you more time to focus on your business.

Please visit the Contact Page to get in touch with me for more information and pricing and let me know how I can help!