On Turning 40

Y’all. I cannot even believe I’m turning 40.

I seriously feel like I just graduated high school maybe 10 years ago, but I had my 20th reunion two summers ago so I know that’s not right.

I don’t feel 40, I don’t act 40, so I’m going with the old saying age is just a number.

It also seems like my 30th birthday party was just yesterday. Todd had arranged a surprise birthday party for me with some of my favorite friends at Macaroni Grill. This year, some of those same faces will be at my birthday dinner, along with some new ones.

I didn’t have a list of things I wanted to do before this milestone.
A lot has happened in this decade between 30 and 40.

-lost a sister
-lost a baby
-had a baby
-sent my first baby to kindergarten (and sending my second in a few months!)
-watched my nieces and nephews grow up and get married and have babies of their own
-had surgery for precervical cancer
-made new friends and moved on from some others
-got laid off from two jobs
-figured out how to hustle
-started working out
-got a hedgehog
-finally learned how to say NO
-started a freelance writing business
-had my first glamping experience
-went on a llama hike
-saw some great bands
-figured out my enneagram type (2)
-and lots, lots more!

I have been through some really rough times and had some really great times. I’ve learned a lot about myself and feel like I’m just where I should be. Todd and I celebrated 15 years of marriage (which has not always been easy). We have two beautiful, healthy kids. and a home we love. We are part of a wonderful church and blessed by so many relationships there. I have friends that are like family and know it takes a village to get by these days. I’m back working full-time at a job that I absolutely love.

I’m looking forward to celebrating 40 and all that this decade will bring. The saying is Life Begins at 40, so let’s do this!