About Me

Where it All Began

The youngest of three kids, I grew up in a small community in North Jefferson County about 30 miles north of Birmingham called Corner. Most people have never heard of it, but if you have, we can be immediate friends.

After high school, I attended Wallace State Community College for two years and had planned to transfer to Auburn. When UAB offered me almost a full ride, I couldn’t turn it down, and completed my final two years there and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in Broadcast Journalism (and a minor in history).

A month later, 9/11 happened and with the instability in our country and just a sense of fear of the unknown, I couldn’t bring myself to move to a small town alone and try to make it in sports broadcasting.

It turned out that journalism, (just without the broadcasting), was where it was at for me. While at UAB, I wrote for the student newspaper covering sports. During this time, I was also working at The Birmingham Post-Herald where I worked in the features department, but also got to cover sports including the Birmingham Bulls hockey team, Atlanta Braves spring training and even got to fill in for Paul Finebaum’s column once.

I began working at The Birmingham News as the Assistant to the Sports Editor in 2001. (A job that I had two additional times between then and 2015.)  I went on to have two other careers over the next eight years, one as a pharmacy technician and one as a paralegal, but continued my freelancing with The News.

I stopped working full-time when my son was born in December 2008. Since then, I’ve been doing some form of freelance writing work along with a few different part-time gigs, but I recently decided to take the leap and start my own business: Leah Eagle Writes.

Two months later, I got a call from Starnes Publishing offering me the opportunity to move from freelance to full-time and I eagerly accepted! I’m currently the Community Editor of 280 Living and love my job!

My Family

Todd and I met in 2000 while both working at NBC-13 in Birmingham. We got married in 2004. Six months later, we adopted our dog, Rocco.  We bought our first (and only) house in Chelsea, AL in 2005. Carson made us parents for the first time in 2008 and I stopped working full-time. We thought we were one and done, lots of stuff happened, then Morgan came along in March 2014.

He still works as a photojournalist (camera man) at NBC-13. Carson is in 5th grade and Morgan is in Kindergarten.

Our pets include our dog Remy, and our hedgehog, Hedgie. I’m still lobbying to get another pet, a llama, to keep at my parents’ farm.

Most days we are ships passing  just trying to get everything done. When we do have family time, we enjoy outdoor activities, taking adventures around the city and eating at some of the great restaurants Birmingham has to offer.

When I have “me” time, you can find me at Target, Starbucks, getting a pedicure or hanging with girlfriends.