22 things to do on an Alabama snow day

I’ve lived in Alabama my entire life and one thing hasn’t changed. We don’t handle snow (ice) well (remember Snowmageddon 2014?), but then many other parts of the country can’t handle heat, so there’s that.

This state prepared to shut down today while it was 60 degrees and sunny. The governor declared a state of emergency, so no make up day for school!

Pics from our house circa Snowmageddon 2014

I have only one memory of it snowing when I was younger. The blizzard of 1993. And I was 14 then, so younger may not be the right word.

Another memory is when I flipped my SUV on black ice (on Overton Road in Mountain Brook) when I was 21. It was about 4 in the morning  and I was on my way to work at channel 13. Needless to say, I didn’t make it in that day. Word to the wise: staying off the roads is definitely the best thing to do.

Can I just be honest? Snow days aren’t that fun for me, because my husband works  at a television station, so he’s always out covering the weather instead of being home with us (he got home at 7:45 tonight and is leaving again at 1:30am) and I’m home by myself with the kids on what usually always turns into the longest day ever. 

It’s a constant whirlwind going in and out with lots of changes of clothes (cue the laundry!) We don’t get the fun, fluffy snow here in Birmingham. It’s usually just the wet kind that doesn’t stick and the roads get icy spots that prevent driving (cue cabin fever!)

All that being said, I thought I’d make a list of things to do on a snow day to share. Some of these I found on Pinterest, others are my own ideas. The commentary after each is all mine 🙂


1. Make a snowman (usually a very tiny one here!)
2. Go sledding using whatever you can find since no one actually has a sled (or at least find a small hill and let your kids push each other)
3. Snowball fight (cue the tears from little sister)
4. Let your kids play in the snow with neighborhood friends (until someone comes home crying or bleeding)
5. Make snow angels (if there’s enough snow for that)
6. Make snow cream (never done this since we have a dog and I know what’s under our snow)
7. Take pics to share with friends and family (cue Facebook and Instagram!)
8. Bring the snow in and put in the bathtub, sink or on cookie trays (probably not going to work for my OCD, but….)


1. Catch up on reading (I’ve got a stack of books now that I could totally plow through.)
2. Watch a movie (or 10, cue Netflix!)
3. Clean the house (and maybe do laundry too!)
4. Organize and tidy (hello, Marie Kondo!)
5. Tag consignment clothes (what I’ll be doing.)
6. Bake (if your kids eat like mine, you’ll need to come in with reserve snacks!)
7. Taxes (not fun, but you could get ahead of the game!)
8. Play board games (until someone loses and gets upset.)
9. Make hot chocolate (then regret it once the chocolate kicks in!)
10. Clean out the kids toys (don’t let them see you!)
11. Play legos (and hope it lasts a long time!)
12. Art (paint, color, etc. and try not to stress about the mess!)
13. Make a fort (blankets, pillows, couch cushions… then clean it all up.)
14. Build a fire (I tried this once on my own not realizing the flue wasn’t open and the fire department came and it was a huge deal, so no.)

My day will most likely be some parts fun, but mostly keeping my kids from arguing all day, fighting over who gets to choose the cartoon or movie and doing multiple loads of wet laundry! Maybe I’ll get a little work done. Oh, and I’m gonna wash my hair. And hope it’s short lived and everything is back on schedule Wednesday!