2018: Where I’ve been and where I’m going

As another year comes to an end, I was thinking back over the past 12 months and how this was the first year ever I have done exclusively freelance/contract work.

This month, I finally took the steps to reserve a business name (Leah Eagle Writes, LLC) and file the paperwork to incorporate into an LLC with the Alabama Secretary of State Department. While I will still be doing the things I have been doing, I want to grow my business, add more clients, and hopefully not get killed at tax time like I usually do!

 While I have do have steady freelance writing gigs with Starnes Publishing (monthly newspapers) and Chelsea Central (local stories for blog/podcast site in my hometown) and work for Vertical Solutions Media, I do have the potential and availability to take on more projects, which is my goal.  


This past year, I edited my first two books, one of which was published and released in November. Those were a fun, new challenge I got to be a part of, and hope to do more of it in the future. Huge thanks to Jane Lazenby and Laura Grady for entrusting your projects to me and letting me be a part of your journeys.

In March, I started doing work for Vertical Solutions Media as the Communications Manager. I’m able to use a lot of my experience from my previous job in this position.

Not writing related, but totally in my wheelhouse, I got to work some jobs with Space Cadets, an organizing company, which made my OCD/Type A heart very happy.

This fall, a friend forwarded me info about a writer position with Alabama Weddings Magazine. This was a bit out of my writing spectrum, but I’m always up for trying something new. I was so excited to find out that out of over 60 applicants, I was one of the two that were selected. It was so fun to be a part of the editorial process and get to hold the 2019 issue in my hands for the first-time last week. I will continue being the social media manager for the magazine and hope to do more writing for the next issue!

I got to work with my friend and artist Elizabeth Hubbard during the summer and fall on a project called Makers and Creators, where artists with different expertise come to her studio and teach a class and participants take home their finished product. I got to handle all the social media and communications and helped plan these events. Looking forward to doing more next year!

In April and November, I got to be part of a team at the CaPP CTI (Coach Training Intensive) conference near Atlanta, which is put on my author and life coach, Valorie Burton.

I’ve also done a good bit of resume writing this year. I’m hoping to grow that part of my business more in 2019.

Wile freelance isn’t free, some of the projects that I do on the regular aren’t paid. I’ve been handling social media for a non-profit for the past several years, write monthly for Birmingham Moms Blog, handle publicity for the PTO at Carson’s school and lead women’s ministry and handle social media for our church.

A few non-work related things I did in 2018:
-joined the YMCA and attended Y Strong and Zumba classes (and enjoyed the pool this summer).
-took part in two workshops with Beacon People. The first of the year I was a part of pathFinders (a journey toward finding your purpose) and the end of the year, wayMaker (seeing and experiencing God like never before).
-took an 8-week course in Cancer Care Ministry at our church
-got to see my favorite artist, Ed Sheeran, in concert

So as I wave goodbye to 2018, I’m ready to say hello to 2019 and can’t wait to see what is coming next!